Friday, August 19, 2011


I just love the "Eclectic" look if it is designed properly.  The are so many avenues you can take to make up this ornate theme.  You can go French Shabby Chic to Rather Retro to Ultra Modern.  It can be achieved in either clinical white & sky blues to bright and ever colourful.  You can also use so many different fabric designs in one place.

However it is not just a case of throwing it all together and hope it works - Not so Easy as that!!!  You still have to decide on a colour theme and use only the themes you are keen on.  Planning is still the most important beginning to such a look and especially with "Eclectic"

Choosing furnishings to match homewares in a totally different theme is not easy and should be done with much connsideration for the design and outcome you are trying to achieve.  Pieces of fabric still have to 'go', so if you are wanting to use alot of colour and design in one area you still have to choose fabrics that appeal to the eye.  Mix and match pieces until you are happy with the look and then stand back or take a photo to have a different view.  This is where predesign is so important.  

It's a fun way to use different pieces of furniture in one area but once again - don't clutter - use style still.  Even though you are using different themes of pieces to decorate you still have to be stylish and sensible.

If you find this hard get some professional advice - here are some blogs and websites you can see examples who have a good idea what to do.

Let us know what you think of the Eclectic Look?!

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  1. Hi Jenny -- thanks for visiting my site & your wonderful comment on my window. I hope you get the chance to learn this wonderful craft -- designing your own is half the work.
    I love the eclectic style -- especially mixing beach or rustic with traditional or modern.
    Thanks also for the great resources you list. Enjoy the rest of your winter.