Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ladies in Common - Join Us

I love the Simpleness of Woman and yet the outstanding gumption they engulf when taking on anything life dishes out to them - We - Us - as Woman strive to the utmost in everything we do and strive to fulfill what God our creator made us to do.  I am very much enjoying perusing 100's of ladies' of all ages blogs and feeling joy & happiness, and great satisfaction knowing and seeing what woman world wide are creating and achieving.  By "Achieving" I mean the meer means of attempting, trying and following through - nothing has to be a masterpiece for success - just knowing that what you have set out to do you have achieved.

I have therefore decided to create 'Ladies in Common' - each week I would like you to write about your blog & about anything happy in your life, and send it to me with images - I will select one blog per week and post it on my blog - at the end of the month the winning blog will receive "something French & Chic" from French A L Beach, plus the recognition to other 'Ladies in Common' Blogs.  I would hope by doing this it gives so many of you the opportunity to share your stories whilst building a friendship community of
'Ladies in Common' who can feel free to tell their stories.
Please send your story by clicking on the Picture Icon above!   We will begin with your stories immediately and include August in September thus picking a story at the end of September ! Happy Writing & Please feel free to be a Member of My blog!   You are Very Welcome!

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