Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Having Fun with more Shabby Chic !

It is said that if you are doing something you love you will do it well - that is my aim and so far it is paying off owing to the response I am receiving - so thanks for all the comments and encouragement!!!  I really admire all of you people out there doing the same and putting extensive efforts in with your love of creation - in so many different avenues.  I am really enjoying doing what I am doing with furniture and homewares - I have never been happier with work & play - at 51 I have finally found my niche and I am so happy and contented.  I only hope so many of you are doing the same and creating what you love.  It's not a case of doing what others are doing to follow trends, but rather working where your heart is - it will show in what you create.
This is my latest piece - See @

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  1. This is so grea! Hurray for doing things you love!

    - Sarah