Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Inspiration Goes Miles - My Gorgeous Niece's Shabby Chic Projects !

Great work Sharon - I know you will inspire others to reach for the stars with their God Given Gifts - it's amazing the feeling of self satisfaction and worthiness it gives you & others - I'm sure that is why our Heavenly Father gave us gifts to use!

Aunty Jen,
I was SO inspired by your Shabby Chic website, that I started a project in our guest bedroom. I have these drab bedside tables that I bought 2nd hand many years ago and they were just a "make do" furniture item until I could afford something better. They were a tacky blue as you'll see by the picture. So after looking up some youtube video's and other site links you had for ideas on how to do Shabby Chic, I had a go.
I had so much fun finding things around the house to go with the theme. It's amazing what you find when you need something, hey?

Here is the Original Table ...

I started sanding back edges etc. to see what it might look like as a blue country/shabby piece, then decided to experiment by staining the raw pine edges a darker colour to match with other dark timber I have in the room like the old bed. Got carried away with staining and ended up with something like this, which looks like a dodgy version of a country themed side table, which although kind of had a cool look about it, wasn't what I was after, so I kept going toward the painting direction.

Got excited to find this lamp base at a Salvo store that morning for $5, then nipped across to Bunnings and picked up a matching shade and a bulb.
After painting, scratched up the edges a bit which don't show too much in this picture. I'm now waiting to find just the right drawer knobs to replace the wood ones. I'm looking for some kind of glass antique looking knobs, like depression glass or similar in either a clear or pale blue glass.

Closer inspection of my shabby look. I was a bit hesitant to sand any more edges, just in case I went overboard, but I may even get a bit more game and scuff off a bit more yet. Esp. off that top edge trim.
Had fun finding things around the house to match my theme a little.

While I was at it, I took apart and painted a couple of photo frames, and am about to tackle the big old double bed frame!! I told Marty to look out, cuz if I see anything else wood, I might just paint it! LOL!
Thanks for the inspiration. I love looking at your blogs and reno projects. Keep up the awesome work.

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