Tuesday, September 13, 2011


What is Jodé Designs?

Jodé Designs restores gorgeous baby furniture for you to purchase at very reasonable prices. The director of Jodé Designs, Jodi, is an Interior Designer, a wife to a plumber and a mother to a cute little girl named Imogen Hope. While being pregnant with Imogen, Jodi found a gap in the market of baby furniture. So with her artistic mind and years of experience Jodi has created Jodé Designs.

Here a 5 reasons to check out Jode Designs:

1) At Jodé Designs we source unique furniture, a piece that tells a story just looking at it, then lovingly restore it to help that story to continue on for many years in many more loving homes.

2) At Jodé Designs we use 'child friendly' paints, as we know and understand that your little one may like to use the piece of furniture as a teething comforter in the future.

3) At Jodé Designs we are absolutely in love with fabric and have always got our keen eye out looking for the most interesting styles which will suit any kind of decorating taste.

4) At Jodé Designs we create each piece of furniture to suit both a handsome little boy or a beautiful little girl, as we know that either one may enter into your life and you need not to change your furniture to suit.

5) At Jode Designs we are so passionate in what we do, our hearts are poured into every piece of furniture and we will not sell a piece until it is perfectionally finished.

Have a look at some furniture pieces we have completed and sold so far:


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