Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Christmas 'Aussie' Style

I just love Christmas & as it is very quickly sneeking up on us I thought it appropriate to find out how many others enjoy this festive season - love to hear from people in other countries !

We make it a time for family - one of the reasons why I love it so much.  Anyway we all try and get together - usually in the afternoon - and have a relaxing time of fun & festivities.  We are open to have anyone join us as we are aware of so many who are alone at Christmas. 

Here in Aussie Australia we enjoy a warmish Christmas (honestly!?! HOT!) humid Christmas, so we enjoy prawns, ham chicken and salads.  We love our salads so it is enjoyable finding different recipes to have each year.  All of our girls love cooking so there is always a variety.   Fruit salad is also a favourite although I must admit I love making plum pudding with ice-cream & yummy home made custard.  Lots of Christmas fruit is a must - cherries, watermelon etc.  And I love making seafood sauce too - still trying to perfect that one, so if anyone has a good recipe for that I would really appreciate that.

We share where we hold Christmas - always at one of our houses.  This year our middle daughter & her husband will be spending a white Christmas in Canada so our number will be down a bit.  That is never a great thing but we are happy for them to have this experience.  The same daughter and her younger sister & their husbands enjoyed white Christmas in Europe a few years ago which they always reminisce about each year - especially when it is so hot here for our Christmas lunch.

Anyway I have attached some Chrissie Pickies for anyone overseas to see how we enjoy this season - we have a saying here is Aussie Land - Jesus is the Reason for the Season! 

As we do enter this Christmas Season we are completely aware that there are many who have had a very tough year and who have lost loved ones on the way.  We pray they have a blessed time with friends or family and that our doors are open to welcome anyone in need with open arms.

'Can't wait to hear your Christmas stories, & please if anyone has a yummy Seafood Sauce and/or Tartare Sauce Recipe, I would be very appreciative! :)

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  1. Hello Jenny,
    I'm visiting your blog and I like the way you see life.
    Thanks for your visit to my blog.
    It 'nice to know people who live so far away.
    Sorry, my English is bad!

  2. Good morning, Jenny. Yes, it is morning here in Canada. Thank you for visiting my blog and your lovely comment, and for posting my blog button. I loved reading about your Christmas. It won't be long til it is here. I am now a follower and have posted your blog button. I have a 'sister' blog that I recently created that may be interesting to you. It is called 'A Tasteful Touch'. I started it to house more of my personal side, with projects, crafty type things, jewelry, paper art projects, clay and beeswax art, etc. You would find a lot of great contacts on my sidebar. I have posted your blog button there as well. I invite you to join my followers list and grab my blog button there as well. Enjoy your day. Hugs, Gayle Page-Robak