Friday, December 16, 2011

What Does Christmas Mean to You?

I remember when I was a child I looked forward to Christmas so much.  My Mum was such a unique person.  She devoted most of her time to her family & friends, and so Christmas was just such a big deal to her.  She spent weeks before cooking, sewing, knitting & crocheting gifts for everyone.  She loved to plan the Christmas lunch and we always had such treats as white christmas, rocky road, turkish delights, christmas cakes - yes cake-s, mince pies, & plum pudding - made the old fashioned way. 

I also remember we always received a record each year from Mum & Dad.  We knew this and couldn't wait to see which one it was!

Our home was always full of visitors popping in to say hi and bring a gift - usually something they made.  Mum always had something in return she had tirelessly spent time making.  She just loved to do for others - never for herself.
We always went to church on Christmas morning and I loved singing alto alongside my Dad who was a beautiful tenor (and still is) - especially the carols and King of Kings.
Memories - where would we be without them??!!  My Mum has been gone 22 years now and those memories are always with me and clearer every day.  Memories are one of those treasured things no one can take from you.
I also always dreamed of a white christmas - we always listened to Bing Crosby singing about it every year.  I still long to experience one and pray that one day I will, but until then I have so much more to enjoy about Christmas - past & present.  The treasured memories and the memories to still make treasured, for our own children, and grandchildren to take with them on their life journey. 
Those are the things that count - more than any money can buy - more than the size or price of any gift - more than how much you receive.
The most awesome memory I can be thankful to my parents for, is the memory of their teaching of Christ - how He was born a baby in a stable - how He lived a short but prosperous and servant life just so we could have hope in life itself.  Even more so, they are the memories which - no matter what - can never be taken from me.

Family & friends create these memories - that is so precious & priceless; so gather all your memories good or bad and hold them dear - reflect and produce more for others - hold and treasure the best to better you & others! 
Thanks for the Memories!
Dedicated to everyone in my life who have had a part in creating my memories.  I look forward to many more.

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