Thursday, March 15, 2012


Life is such a precious comodity which we so foolishly toss from side to side and don't spend enough time nurturing.  Every moment is lived and lost as the next one rolls along.  What we do with those moments is so seriously relevant to how life turns out for us and our loved ones.

I read a blog today by a woman who has the same passion &
love for life as I do!

I have been feeling low lately after 2 years of pushing to no avail.  I now am urged to run forward and make the most of every second of my life ahead.

Vicki - you are an inspiration to me and have done more for me in 1 hour of reading your blog than has happened in a long time.  Thank you!  I just had to tell people this - hopefully you are an inspiration to others who read this and also an inspiration for people to meet people of likeness to be inspired to excel in life and not to give up hope.

Such Kind Regards
Merci beaucoup Vicki



  1. Thank you Jenny for your lovely words.... both on your blog and at French Essence, I am very touched by your comment... xv

  2. same here! J'adore French Essence! :)