Sunday, April 22, 2012


I have French Shabbied & Restored so many gorgeous pieces of furniture now & I have not tired at all - I just get more and more enthusiastic, passionate & excited about it every day.  

When I visited Paris 4 years ago I did not know what impact it had on my soul!  I knew I went there for a reason but I thought it was for different reasons.  I am sure it was for many reasons why I was able to make such an awesome trip in my lifetime but the magical inspiration I obtained is unexplainable.  J'Aime Paris!   Truly I do & I can't explain it!   It is in the depths of my heart & soul.

As I have moved through the motions of recreating many items of beautiful furniture I am individually touched by each one in many ways.  I was standing in my home the other day working on chairs for a lovely couple of woman who own a wedding & high tea business.  I am really enjoying this assignment I must say!  As I stood looking out of my beautiful home window with the ocean in the distance, sanding & preparing my gorgeous french provencial chairs, I suddenly realized why I love to do everything carefully by hand.  I enjoy everything about the whole project right from when I go out & find the items then preparing the surface, painting with each stroke the undercoat treatments & then finally finishing with the final coat by hand as well.  There is something about brushing each stroke of paint onto something that has had a "Life!"  It speaks to you when you work on it.   I think about where the piece came from - what it has seen in it's long life - if it could physically speak out loud what it has seen & experienced.  I feel good about giving it a new lease of life - another long life to enjoy, serve & give happiness to someone! 

That is why I work on all my pieces by hand - right to the point of conclusion.  If I have orders, I think of the customers themselves.  I think of who they are & what their purpose is for the piece or pieces.  I get such a thrill as they come and see the finished product.  So far it has all been good - great really(!) - so many happy & satisfied people who have come back to me over and over. 

To me that is the best I could wish for - to use my God given gifts to find something - immediately imagine what it will become - & proceed to accomplish just that.  Then to see it being appreciated by it's new owner.  That is the ultimate feeling!

I am not sure what it is but I do feel a connection from my heritage, to now, through my furniture.  Thank you God for my gifts & thank you for the many customers & friends who appreciate my work.  I will continue to work hard to make you all satisfied &


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