Wednesday, April 4, 2012


This is why I love my work so much !

My wonderful brother-in-law dug these old beauties from his shed!  They may have looked old and had it to him or others in fact, but to me the excitement errupted as my mind painted pictures of what they could become - what their new lease of life would look like!

In a world of so many goods being thrown away to never live again, it is such a thrill to breathe life into so many pieces of furniture such as these. 

I loved the experience from start - stripping the old vinyl off to find what lies beneath - to the delightful finish.  Creating the new look is what excites me and then to achieve it & actually see it and photograph it.  Then to see the happiness & expression of gratefulness on the buyers faces is a huge thrill too. 

All in all - it is the best occupation I could have - thanks God for my gift of foresight & for finding people to purchase my work.  Thank you also that I have people who care enough to find me things to recreate.

Can't wait to start the next one!

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