Friday, April 13, 2012


It's been 4 years now since I walked the beautiful cobbled streets of Pari - Champs Elysees - back streets with the breath of romance sailing through the way.  The quaint markets reminding you of what it must have been in the past still serving their customers, locals & tourists, as if it were a world never changed.  The term "Paris is the City of Love" is prominent all over - just cross one of many of the bridges which join the narrow streets from one side of the story of Paris to the next.  Stand on the bridge and stop, breath in & take in the sheer existence of the surroundings which makes Paris what it was, is & goes on to be day after day! 

As you take each step along some of the oldest paved streets in Provence you notice an immense sense of relaxation - contentment & enjoyment amongst the Parisians - even as they make their way around their everday life in Paris.  It is different - it is peaceful - it is romantic - it is real!  You have to "Walk" Pari - you just have to!  Walk every step to take in what is going on around you - absorb the beauty of a City filled with such history yet alive with such energy!

Je T'Aime Paris !

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