Monday, May 21, 2012


Walk and See the Beautiful Architechture in Paris - Christophe Libert, with permission

The best things to do in Paris, to enjoy a truly authentic experience of vibrant French culture!

With so many tourist traps and things to do and see in the enchanting City of Lights, how exactly can one fully experience the beautiful Parisian culture? Follow these steps and you'll have a wonderful and authentic Paris experience.

After visiting Paris a few years back, I was surprised by the richness & quality of foods they consumed.  The Parisians & French alike immensely enjoy the life they have been blessed with - they know how to treasure every single moment as if it were a fragrance on their palette.  They absorb every experience with great romance, even down to each mouthful they allow to linger & be taken in by their taste buds - it is all to do with the lifestyle of perfection - enjoyment - superiority & satisfaction.  Oh how I long to learn their ways of soaking up each precious fragment of life with full gusto !   This is my dream!  And dreams do come true if you let them!

Today I started my day with a positive attitude with the sky as the sun peeked through the rain shower clouds over the ocean.  What a unique artist our Father God is to provide us with such blessings each & every day.  It is up to us to enjoy & aqppreciate them!

So Less is More is my Motto for today - I started the day with a lovely drink of lemon water - a cup of tea - a small piece of turkish bread with fresh butter & avocado, finished off with a fresh alfalfa garnish.   I love coffee but need to have in smaller proportions so instead of a mug I had a cup - magnifique!
So - I have achieved a small portion of French living - tomorrow I look forward to another!

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