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I just love the endless cafes in Paris - as you leave your hotel & stroll the pavements for your day of sightseeing in this breathtaking city, you are not at a loss for choice!  The thing I love about Parisians is how they priortize their social life over work.  We could certainly learn alot from them in that degree! 

Not only do they make their fun with their friends over a coffee number one, but they also know how as cafe owners to make their cafes people friendly. 

 Just the typical Europeon way of facing the chairs outward spells "invitation" - check out the images only to see the majority are set up this way.

As quoted from  -  They are more than simply a place to have a coffee; catching up with friends, meeting a date, grabbing a quick bite for lunch or simply sitting with a book and reading, are all popular ways to enjoy cafes in paris.

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Cafe de Paris II
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When you are in Paris, you will never be far from a cafe - they are in every neighbourhood and virtually every street corner.

The Café de Flore and Les Deux Magots are two famous Paris cafes, both in the St-Germain neighbourhood (170 and 172 bd St-Germain).

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Les Deux Magots
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Painters and writers used to come here - Picasso, Sartre, Oscare Wilde and Simone de Beauvoir were regulars. Victor Hugo, Balzac, Flaubert and George Sand all lived in the streets nearby.

Today, these Paris cafes are popular with celebrities and fashion types (Karl Lagerfield likes to come here apparently!) - as well as tourists. So, while prices for a coffee might be a bit hefty, it's fun to go, just once!

Some of the best Paris cafes are the ones that aren't listed in the guidebooks, though. Here are some of our favourites that we've discovered.

Charming and Cosy Paris Cafes


Enjoying a café creme and croissant
L'Heure Gourmande is a cosy little cafe in the pretty covered passage Dauphine. This is a great spot for lunch or a hot chocolate ('chocolat l'ancienne') after shopping in St-Germain;

  • Le Loir dans la Théière (the doormouse in the teapot) is a relaxed type of place with comfy sofas, in the Marais (3 rue des Rosiers). Good for Saturday and Sunday brunch; delicious quiches and cakes;
  • La Fourmi Ailée is in the Latin quarter near Notre Dame (8 Rue du Fouarre). It's very cozy, with a fireplace and bookcases on the walls. Great for cold autumn or winter days;
  • A Priori Thé is an American-run tearoom in one of the prettiest covered galleries in Paris, Galerie Vivienne. Great coffee, teas, and light lunches; their desserts are excellent (extra large servings of cheesecake!). Good for a rainy day; near the Louvre (35-37 Galerie Vivienne);
  • If you're in Montmartre, there is a lovely garden café in the Musée de la Vie Romantique, a museum dedicated to George Sand (the café is open May-September only). Great for coffee, lunch and snacks (delicious cakes and tarts).
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