Friday, June 22, 2012


Since I have been doing this wonderful pasttime of French Shabby Chic'ing - or call it 'hobby' - 'love of my working life' - I have seen & heard some fantastic, interesting, intriguing, upsetting, please-fix-me-up stories.  For better or for worse they are all attempts of a dream - a dream of what the piece of furniture can become with some TLC.  There is no harm in any of it - if you want to give it a go you must - if you don't & need help you must do that.  Either way as long as you get your end result you "Dreamed" of, that's all that matters. 

Often hearing about other's mishaps, experiences & successes, helps us receive a good result with our own projects.  I learnt from trial & error & much TLC & compassion for what I do.  I am not perfect & definitely wasn't to start with - always willing to learn & do better! 

This brings me to this blog - "Most Interesting Makeover Stories" - no matter how good or bad you might think your or others are, it doesn't matter.  As long as we learn & receive some encouragement & hints from any of it - that is all we need.
So - Here is your chance to tell your story
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Have Fun!

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