Sunday, June 10, 2012


When my husband & I made the decision to have a 3 day stopover in Paris on our way to England a few years ago we were overwhelmed by the variety of Hotels available in Paris.  I know it is probably the same all over the world but we seemed to find a extremity of difference in Paris.  From the very basic (yet frilled & bright in colour) thru to the middle of the road with a varied extras list of towel warmers etc. to the elite 5 + Star gorgeous Parisian palaces !!


Well I have posted some various Paris Hotel images - tell me which you prefer & why? 

There is no wrong or right - it is a personal decision - whatever suits your taste, budget, & requirements.

Have Fun - Imagine your Parisian Holiday - where would you like to stay?
And Why?
Please leave your comment!

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