Sunday, June 10, 2012


Yes I am a royalist - that doesn't mean I agree with everything they say or do - I just have an interest in them & their standing on this earth.  Before you criticize - think of what you back - be it a band or a celebrity or whatever - no-one is perfect in any way but our Father God.  He without a doubt is my one true Royal Father - He is to be honoured.  But I don't necessarily honour the Royals; I just enjoy keeping up with what they do & am continually thrilled with the more they are growing closer to the public & their needs.  They have always been hugely involved in charity & community events but they are now relating to people in the community.  At the concert at Buckingham Palace the other night they had a box just like everyone else & waved their flags & cheered & danced & sang - just like everyone else!

Yes they have a past - but who doesn't - look into yours - if you are game!!!

Before you go knocking them - look in the mirror & until you are perfect (which is impossible to be on this earth) give them some grace - give them some slack & be thankful of who they are - they are a family!  They do support each other, they are just doing their job (even though it is very different to us) just like you & me!

Happy Birthday Your Majesty!

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