Saturday, July 21, 2012


This is one of the Best ways to spend a beautiful cyrstal clear day - A drive to the hills - the Country Fresh Air
Can't wait!

Not only is there alot of great opportunities to buy, but the whole experience is the ultimate!  I love the Fresh Country Air - the Country Towns - the people are so friendly - a great way to spend the day!

It's always an awesome experience to shuffle through all the Old Wares -
Stop in on Garage Sales along the way & just have a Chat! 
Coffee Breaks at the Country Cafes - Celtic Tea Room  - a shop at the Country Bakery - Maleny Hot Bread 
Love it!

I picked this up at a Garage Sale - I was wrapped !!!  Soooo Excited!
This is already pride of place on my Sunny Balcony
It's a Keeper Sorry!

There are some amazing places to stay in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland - Check out these places!
Montville Lake Terrace
Crookneck Retreat
Secrets on the Lake

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