Wednesday, July 18, 2012

ENJOY LIFE ITSELF - Provencal Tranquility…

As I said yesterday - Love where you live - below is a blog from one of my favourite writers at the moment - Vicki Archer who lives in the Provence (France) - She shares how the sheer fragrance & ambience of her surroundings of home enchance life itself!
This is what it should be like everyday - even though Vicki is fortunate enough to live in such an awersome place - home is where your heart is, and what you make of it as well.  Home is where you live & breath in the frangrances of it's surroundings - how you enjoy the local activities & the local people - how you appreciate where you are & what you do.  Home comes from your heart surrounded by your loved ones.
So as you embark on another beautiful & blessed day enjoy Vicki's story of embracing life & feel blessed - feel forntunate - & remember there are so many who don't have this privilege!


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