Tuesday, July 3, 2012


I was inspired today on the Today Show when I heard the story of a lady who was feeling the financial pinch - she is a mother of 3 grown girls & grandma to a gorgeous grandson.  She was fortunate, after suffering for a long time, to win the $50,000 Coles money.  Even  though she has been through alot in her life she still has a great positive attitude & vows she always makes at least one person laugh each day.

Her story just reminded me why we are here on this earth - even though we all go through trials & tribulations we are here to shwo God's love & what better way than to be positive & really want to see others happy - EVERY DAY!  She is an inspiration to so many including me.

I have always been one to think positive about any situation big or small, but sometimes it just gets on top of you & drowns you in YOU - I have always said there are many people out in this big world soooo much worse off than I am & that's where our hearts should be - thinking of others & wanting to make them happy!

Today when things get heavy on your heart - spare a thought for the more less fortunate & go & make someone happy - even if it is just with a hug - make them laugh - go on - I challenge you!

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Have a great & happy day!

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