Wednesday, August 22, 2012


When we had the incredible opportunity to visit Notting Hill - Portabella Markets 4 years ago, I was thrilled whilst walking from the train to the markets, to come across this gorgeous little cafe - Cafe Diana.  The whole cafe paid tribute to Diana.  I couldn't help - but go inside and ask 'Why?"  They simply responded with a good old English smile - "She used to come here all the time to quietly have a cuppa!" 

That was enough for me - I obviously am a Diana fan - I hate that word 'fan', but yes I do like her, & even had the very great, once in a lifetime privilege, to shake her hand & speak to her when she was over here in Australia many years ago.  I speak in the presence but she will always live on.
This is what was the blue door in the movie - Notting Hill - it was auctioned off for 6,000 pounds & replaced with this one - to the left and right of me is a post with blue paint from the original prop for the movie - just ask the local butcher !!
Nevertheless I felt very honoured & excited to come across this little cafe not far from the famous Notting Hill, Portabella Markets.  It certainly added to the exceptional time we had that day!

I wonder if they would be interested in my British taste in furniture!

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