Monday, August 13, 2012


I am getting busier by the minute & to succeed more & to be efficient in what I do, I believe I need to be more organized !
I have started reshuffling things around - started yesterday pulling things out of shelves & redoing my workroom.  I also acquired some shelving & work table (only cost me $5 for the table) from a Garage Sale on the weekend - so yes it is possible. 
I thought I would share this with you to hopefully       inspire you too!  

Of course Each Day will also be inspired with something ...
"French" ! 

If you are sitting at home with no enthusiasm & no funds, there is alot you can do without spending any or much money.

Follow me each day & I will try to inspire you to get motivated & rejuvinate "From This Day Forward !!"

Check in tomorrow to see what I get up to today ...

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  1. From this day forward I shall be following your blog posts! A skill in organising is something that I honestly lack, and I think I could use some help from your posts.