Monday, August 27, 2012


More & More I am thinking twice about plastic verses glass bottles or containers.  I just have this funny feeling about what the plastic may be doing to us, especially when it comes to food storage.  Bit by bit I have been collecting glass bottles from coffee bottles to pasta sauce bottles.  I cleaned out my pantry the other day and rearranged alot of my ingredients into glass labelled bottles.  I made a list and starting printing labels on sticky A4 paper - cutting to size and labelling each bottle.  As I don't have a huge pantry I needed to be able to see the labels when the bottles are one behind the other.  You'll see what I did in the image ...
I was also very fortunate & grateful to a dear friend of mine, Lyn, who gave me these old time bottles for storage - they will be getting filled as soon as I do more grocery shopping.  Love you Lyn - they are sooo authentic!  They really suit the Shabby Chic look I am progressing towards too.  Especially when I get around to redoing the kitchen to French Shabby Chic!

So just start collecting bottles if that's the way you want to go.  Make sure they are well cleaned & dry & have fun making up labels & filling the bottles with all your yummy & healthy things.  They look so much better on open shelves than plastic too.
Have Fun with another Healthy idea !!!