Wednesday, August 29, 2012


I had another day renewing some furniture - it is always a thrill to see the before & after of goods which would otherwise have been dumped or put in the cupboard to rot or collect dust.
When I collect bits & pieces I never cease to imagine what the outcome will be - I know that is not what everyone does, but that's me - love it or leave it!
I read my morning reading this morning from Word for Today online & in it was this quote - I thought it was very appropriate ... Have you stopped dreaming daily? You must let yourself dream a little bit every day, explore possibilities and embrace options. Be creative. Continuing to dream actually helps you to move forward.
So this is what I got up to - I hope it encourages you to move forward with your dreams big or small!
What they looked like when I picked them up from a lovely lady who didn't need them anymore - there were 4 altogether!
Then with my darling husband's help they had to be checked over to make sure they were mechanically sound - especially the swivel part.  Always do this first.

Then I unscrewed the cushion ready for preparation to paint.
A light sand & dust clean & we are ready for the fun stuff!
Make sure you have a comfortable spot to start painting because painting wicker can be a tedious & painstaking job with all the little nooks & crannies to get into.  I, however, prefer to handpaint wicker as I have tried both and think the end result is better with handpaint.  I find the spray technique leaves the texture a bit sticky & not as refined.  Always use a primer first & then continue with a couple coats of the gloss or semi-gloss finish.  I also use a softer brush - it works better with wicker.
When the painting is completed it is time to reupholster the cushions.  I have chosen a soft printed hessian which I love - it is easy to work with & quite stunning.   Make sure the cushion is clean & lay the cushion upside down on the fabric.  Check the amount of seam allowance you will need & proceed to cut around the cushion.  Always allow a bit more than you need.
Now it is time to staple with a staple gun.  I just bought one from my local hardware store.  I start with a few staples in each side to make sure it is even & firm.  Then it is just a case of edging & working your way around evenly.  The corners can be a bit tricky but just work with it the best you can without causing too much bulk.  Trim to make tidy but not too close to the staples.
Attach the cushion (these are screwed) back onto the painted stool.  And Vouloir .... You have another restoration of an old piece of furniture with a very new & gorgeous lease on life.

 From this Day Forward - Dream a Little - Be Creative !

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