Monday, August 27, 2012


Sometimes you can get so involved with the here & now of what needs to be done to survive (monetery-wise) and forget the purpose of life itself. 
 Today I awoke - cleaned house & proceded to finish painting a dining suite which was being inspected by a customer.  Job done - I then met the lovely buyer of mine who was very happy with the Suite.  I quickly gathered some furniture together for delivery to another customer & then on to an outlet who like to display my goods in their cafe here at Coolum - '3 Squids Cafe';  then home to clean up ready to greet my daughter & grandbabies!!!   Yay!  Love this part of my life!
A hug from my 2 and a half year old granddaughter begins a very satisfying afternoon.  She makes her way to the DVD drawer &, of course, out comes 'Bambi' - just the sheer delight on her face as she asks to watch it melts me like butter on a hot summer's day.  Whilst my daughter feeds our new 6 week old grandson, I enjoy a snuggle with my granddaughter, with heads together watching the old great story of 'Bambi' - still a highlight of movies to watch, even after all these years.
Then while my daughter attends to appointments I have the great pleasure of rocking my grandson to sleep & snuggling him up between our fluffy pillows on our bed.  Just making the temporary bassinette on our bed is a joy.  Seeing him fast asleep in it is a huge 'warm fuzzy'!  Fast asleep I continue to enjoy my granddaughter's company until she makes her way to bed for a midday sleep.
Now they are both fast asleep as I rest in front of the story of Miss (Jane) Austen Regrets - a great & true story - even greater an experience when we have been so fortunate to have the pleasure to visit the very home it was filmed in - Jane's home she grew up in, in England & the church they worshipped in.  Her father also preached in the same church.

I take a break & wander to the balcony as I hear the surf rolling in a street away & watch the Rainbow Lorikeets dancing amongst the branches in the tree which hangs in front of our home.

 Then I take a deep breathe & thank God for my life - simple yet fulfilled - sometimes stressful yet satisfying - sometimes emotional yet enjoyable!
It really is the simple times that make it all worth while !  Take the time to stop from work sometimes & enjoy those simple times that do matter - that are worth more than time itself - more than any money can buy!

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