Tuesday, September 11, 2012


On our weekend away we went via a country town of Crows Nest, about half an hour from Toowoomba, to visit a HUGE Antiques Place we had been told about.  "Salts" at Crows Nest is one of the biggest Antique Showrooms I have visited yet & it is breathtaking!  The building itself is enormous so there is plenty of room to meandor around, but the volume of stock is amazing.  From your smaller Antique Carnival Glass to the very large gorgeous pieces of furniture - there is something for everyone!
It is the biggest on the Downs and boasts 30 years of family history.  Roger & his wife who owns & runs it took over from his late father who has owned it for over 30 years.  Roger is a very friendly fella who would help you in any way! 
With 12,000 square metres to tread perusing over 400 pieces of Edwardian antiques, including china cabinets, bureaux, sideboards, gate let tables, mahogany chests, dressing tables, washstands, hallstands, bookcases, tables, sets of chairs, clocks, lamps, and it goes on & on, you are assured you will find something if not alot of things to satisfy you.

If you are passing by this historical country town make sure you drop in & say hi to Roger!  If not it is not far from Brisbane - Toowoomba - Sunshine Coast or even the Gold Coast.
It is a must see if you are interested in Antiques & if not it is still worth a visit!


  1. Oh, wow! That has to go on my must visit list now! So many treasures! Thanks for the share. :)

  2. There are alot of treasures in there Chelle - It's an amazing place & they are very friendly & helpful. Glad to help!