Sunday, September 9, 2012


With the advantage of my hubby having a birthday - father's day celebration, I decided to give him the gift of a weekend away.   I found this gorgeous little slice of heaven only 2 hours from home.  It is by far one of the, if not the best, cottage stays we have ever had - & we are on a budget.

Steve decided it would be nice to go via Toowoomba as it is Carnival Flowers time, and make a round trip back through Crows Nest on to our unique holiday country destination.   We were not dissappointed! 

 The day started by leaving @ 5.30 am, watching the sun rise on the way, and arriving in Toowoomba for morning tea.  We, of course, couldn't avoid hunting some treasures for my French Shabby Chic'ing, but as we both enjoy that, it was not a problem.  Then off to Crows Nest to check out an incredible HUGE Antiques Collection place we had been told about (stay tune this week for a special blog on that!).  We came across a beautiful lavender farm just south of Kingaroy & of course I had to make a stop there.  Then off to Kingaroy, as our Country Cottage at Hillview Cottages is only 8 km northwest of Kingaroy.

We made our way out of Kingaroy town along narrow bitumen country roads, along a very short dirt road & there on the right was our absolutely beautiful weekend retreat destination. Very reasonably priced Accommodation description is as quoted on their website ...

The Dairy – The cows have gone and this is now a modern stylish 2 bedroom (two bathroom) cottage great for 2 couples or a family. But if there is just the two of you then choose from:
The Cottage – Previously the workers cottage at the Kingaroy Golf club from the 1940’s, it was moved to this prime position on the Hillview property in 2004 or
The Church – This little old Methodist Church, previously known as All Saints, was built in 1912 and served the local community of Memerambi.  It now sits proudly on the hill overlooking the Memerambi Valley.
We chose the cottage which we absolutely loved.  It is very private & has everything you need to make your time there enjoyable & relaxing. 
My husband Steve lost his job a few years ago after being very loyal for 18 years.  It came as a huge shock to us - especially Steve who always said he was there to the end.  God had other ideas!  We decided to set up a Unit renovating business, but in this economic climate that was hard slog to say the least, so Christmas last year Steve decided to look for a job again.  He was very blessed to get a brilliant job within a week of looking.  He is doing very well & is very happy once again.  However the time out of work was a huge strain on him & apart from losing alot of weight, he lost alot of self esteem.  Thankfully he is on the up & up, but it just makes me think of all those others out there who have been through similar & are still struggling.  Our prayers go out to you if you are ! 
Because of all the above we had not been away for more than a night apart from a camp here & there, so this was a treat from our girls & families & myself - a combined Father's Day/Birthday gift.  Steve (& myself) thoroughly enjoyed it.

A Very Big thanks to our Gorgeous & generous Girls, our Son-in-Laws & our Grandbabies !!!
Not only was it well deserved & definitely appreciated, but it was made most enjoyable by the high standard of hospitality from Hillview Cottages owners, Steve & Cathy.  They are the friendliest, most down to earth people we were very privileged to meet.  They made our stay very private, relaxing & wanting to come back tomorrow.  Cathy even helped me find some more Shabby Chic things!!  
 We will certainly be back !!!
Not only was the accommodation breathtaking, but the view & ambience of the whole place was of high standard.  We were sitting on the deck Saturday morning & Steve said to me - "Hear that ??"  - he was referring to the utter silence with the occasional bird tweetering or the cows mooing in the distance.  It was ultimately breathtaking.
Highly recommended - therapeutically healthy - calming in all degrees - relaxing to the hilt - a must have holiday destination to unwind!
Enough said - take in all you can from our images - but the real experience is much better!
Fireplace warms the whole cottage !
Not to mention a very comfy leather lounge ...

Oh What a Bath - Much appreciated when
we don't have one at home!

Dining 5 Star !
'Connie' the talking horse - loves a feed & attention - Quite a Character!

The Deck is not on a bend, although it is very big - I joined photos to show you the expanse of the view!
Thank you Steve & Cathy for having the forethought to create an Unforgettable Weekend Retreat at !

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  1. glad you had a lovely weekend away.