Sunday, September 16, 2012


Following from the previous 2 blogs below ... this is the result!!!

Well it was a challenge - not so much the main course but the Macaroon dessert was Work!!!  I did enjoy the experience though & I know even though the Macaroons don't look overly flash, they taste beautiful & worked a treat at my daughter's Baby Shower on the weekend.  Everyone raved about them. 

I now have a couple of months practice to perfect the look for my other daughter's 30th in November - she has already put in the order.
You never know until you try - I have always avoided making them because I thought they were very hard to make - it wasn't as hard as I thought - the actual 'making them look right' is the challenge but I now know the process & it will improve each time I try. 
All in all - it was fun!