Tuesday, October 23, 2012


It's been 4 years since we had just arrived home from our first BIG Europeon holiday - it was the most amazing holiday & it took quite a while for both of us to get our heads back into reality.  It is still hard at times as we would love to be travelling alot more - time & money does not permit at the moment but it will !!!

I miss the walks we had in Europe & England.  So much of our holiday was walking & exploring back streets & viewing the different culture abroad.  Paris being one of my favourite for walking, I often reminisce about the streets of Paris - day & night!

On the weekend we decided to venture to our local City of Brisbane & take a stroll along the river & into the Botanical Gardens.  On passing some buildings in the city I was amazed at the beauty - even though we don't have the history & the amount of buildings when it comes to grandeur, but it was pleasing to the eye !  You have to walk - not drive & you have to look up, out &beyond - not just ahead.  I did feel as though I was in Europe when we passed the Stamford building on the river.  That is only one of many stunning historical structures in our beautiful city of Brisbane!


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