Wednesday, December 5, 2012


I regard myself as a small collector of precious items & memories of the past.  There is so much we can learn from our forefathers & mothers, for that matter, & I am always interested in a good story from bygone era people.  On the weekend, we ventured to an outback country town to visit my husband's father's nephew.  His name is Eddie & he has everything you could imagine from the past life, things we hear stories about many times over at family functions. 

  Eddie can tell many a story too - considering he is illiterate,never used a computer or owned a credit card, he has done very well in life from farming to making adds for television - he knows quite a few well know celebs from the TV world including actor's from overseas - even our beloved UK!  And they know him too!!! 
When you walk into Eddie & wife, Thelma's home, you feel like you are in a time warp.  It is so well kept too & so fresh & well looked after - alot of it looks like it was bought yesterday because of the condition it is in.  He has tools he has collected from the past when farmers made their own - & he can tell you what each one is for too.
We went out there with our daughter, husband & two grandchildren, & my husband's father.  We met up with quite a few relatives who also decided to make a day of it too.  It was an amazing day which brought back many childhood memories, seeing things I used to know as a kid - even my first school port or satchel (see picture).
Whilst we live in such a disposable society, I think we, & especially the younger generation, are becoming more aware of the value of keeping things of worth & fixing them or restoring them to a new life.  I am one of those people & that is why I love doing my French Shabby Chic Furniture.  It gives me such a thrill to restore something, which has been neglected, back to life again - sometimes quite different to what it was - but at least it is given a new lease of life again & admired & used by someone who loves & appreciates it all over again. 
So before you throw things away think twice - if you really don't want it, find someone who does - someone who can restore & revive it!
Let's help the world be a better place for generations to come, for our children & grandchildren, instead of creating a huge Rubbish Tip for them to try & survive in if we are not more careful, resourceful & thoughtful!

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