Friday, January 25, 2013


Not only is Australia my country - it is Our Home !
Australia was described by an Afghanistan migrant on the Today Show today as the most generous, gracious & warm country he has ever visited & now lives - and he has travelled the world.  How does that make you feel?  He said when he came to Australia as a child, after escaping afghanistan, his family had no furniture & a neighbour gave them enough furniture to live with - they still have the dining table after all these years!
It makes me feel so proud to be an Aussie - there is so much negativity that comes out through the media these days & yes alot of it is genuine but, how much is necessary.  Negativity breeds negativity - positivity breeds positivity !!!  I am not saying we don't deal with the wrong things going on around us, but I do not think there is enough media exposure for the positive, genuine, good efforts of every day Aussies.

Just hearing a story like the one above, & there are thousands more - gives me such enthusiasm to want to do more to make this Beautiful Country, Australia a much better place to live.  It is a great place to live now, but lets improve on that & make it fantastic!  Don't take it for granted & turn a blind eye to things that can undermine it's goodness - take action now & do something good to improve something - just in your community!  It is getting to "TOO LATE" when it starts to go down hill in front of you & you have not made an effort!
This year is my year for making a bigger effort - to get out there and share the love my Gracious God told us to share.  Jesus worked the earth doing the simple things for people with no recognition.  It's the little things that amount to the bigger things & whether noticed or not, it doesn't matter - as long as they are doing good.

So - what is your challenge this day - this week - this month - this year ?  What can you do big or small to make your community - your country even more beautiful than it is?
Come on Aussies - no matter where you are from - lets make Australia even greater than it is - don't sit back & gripe - JUST DO IT !
Happy Australia Day Everyone !

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