Thursday, January 24, 2013


Yes I love things French, hence my blog title, but I am 100% Aussie - through & through !!
I love where I live - would love to live abroad for a moment for the experience but Australia is our home.  Listed below are a number of reasons why I love being an Aussie - I will add more when I think of them but I would also like your ideas too, via the comments.  Before you do that please become a follower too - please!

I love  ...

  • Our Freedom to Love God
  • Our Family
  • Our People & Our Culture
  • Our Sense of Humour
  • Our Genuine Hospitality
  • Our Beaches
  • Our Outback
  • Our Cities
  • Our Rock
  • Our BBQ's
  • Our Opportunities
  • Our Music
  • Our Open Spaces
  • Our Bush
  • Our Koala Bear
  • Our Aussie - Yes Aussie Pav !!!
  • Our Lamington
  • Our Great Aussie Hamburger
  • Our Real Aussie Meat Pie - Yes, once in a while is fine !
  • Our Roast Lamb
  • Our Tall White Ghost Gums
  • Our Kangaroos
  • Our Wombat
  • Our White Cockatoos
  • Our Laughing Kookaburras
  • Our Rainbow Lorikeets
  • Our Blue Skies
  • Our Starry Nights


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