Thursday, February 28, 2013


When travelling around Paris, I was forever taking note of the gorgeous range of styles of chairs - Europe is highly reknowned for their style of furnishings. 
Alot of the styles date back centuries when extensive time was taken to design & manufacture just one chair.  There was no such thing as mass manufacturing by machines back then.  Each chair was designed with love, attention & devotion.  Such sweet love gives the chairs of the past a unique cultural look & feel!  I love the intricate carving, the curvaceous styling & the fabrics chosen for each individual piece. 
Back when importance was placed on furnishings signifying class, many genuine classic chairs were born.  What I find amazing is how many of these styles have lasted the centuries of furnishings & are still created today.  We are fortunately blessed for the great manufacturers of the bygone years.

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