Monday, February 25, 2013


Enjoyable as it is - it is not always an easy task - but I love it!
What better thing to do on a rainy day in February !!
I was very fortunate to pick these gorgeous chairs up from a lovely young couple in Maroochydore.  I loved them from the start & couldn't wait to bring them home to do up.  I could picture what they would look like straight away.
Preparation was a little time consuming as they needed some running repairs to make them extremely strong & sturdy, but because they weren't in too bad condition, it was easier than I thought.  Thanks to my handy hubby my work was done for me. 
So now they are strong & sturdy & ready to go it is time to sand, prime & paint.
I make sure I have a good movie on - a big drink oif water & a smile on my face !
As time rolls on it gets more & more exciting to see a glimpse of what the finished product is going to be like.  I scurried through my fabrics to find a gorgeous lace fabric that would enhance the fabric already on the chairs.  As the current fabric was in good condition it was beneficial to my task.  It gave a really good finishing touch to the whole effect!
These are gorgeous chairs that really lend to the French Shabby Chic look so I couldn't wait for this finished product!

And this is it ...

 I still have to shabby the whole suite I like to give the paint time to harden before I do - It creates a better finish !
Tomorrow I will show you the stunning table I am putting with them - completed it will be an amazing dining suite for any decor.

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