Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Written by me
Devoted to my Wonderful Valentine & Husband ...
From School Days to these Days
From a Surfie Life to a Husband & Wife ...
It's been a journey over 34 years
Through laughs, trials, happy times & tears.
From having children to seeing them wed.
Through all their ups & downs it's said -
They were the best years & yet quite hard -
But, I don't know, we are here now, & I'm glad !
Yes I miss those years with the girls & their friends !
I miss the energy & not knowing what's around the bend !
I miss their company, which was simply the best -
But they have made us proud & now it's on with the rest.
The Rest is now with my Hubby Steve!
The Rest is scarey - The Time ahead for Years!
The Rest is us - years of waiting for this time -
When My Time is His & His Time is mine.
I have no regrets staying married to my Man!
It's been tough at times but fantastic at others.
I have no regrets that we worked at our marriage -
I am proud now & contented to with what we have accomplished.
He is funny most of the time & serious as well
He is loving - romantic - thoughtful & loves me I know
He is devoted to us, & works so so hard
I love him for him - My Man - My Steve
So on Valentine's Day we don't spend any money!
We just continue to love - to make our life sunny.
We know we are one - One in our Saviour God!
He brought us here - right to this great Spot !

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