Saturday, March 23, 2013


Yesterday we celebrated my Dad's 89th Birthday!  In the weeks leading up to this very eventful Family Day, you could see Dad getting excited.  He has alot of history here on the Sunshine Coast, having lived here since he was 4!  His long term memory is phenominal to say the least.  He remembers things like planes landing on Aerodrome Road, The first electricity on the Sunshine Coast which ran along the River Esplanade at Cotton Tree.  He delivered milk in a Billy Can on Horse & sulky along the Codhole at Maroochydore.  He walked along Lover's Lane Bridge (once at Maroochydore) with my late dear Mum.  The stories go on & on!  Each week I am privileged now to take him shopping, as well as other trips to doctors etc.  I am finding these times more & more valuable & the enjoyment is undescribeable as he tells me stories of old.  We often run into people he knew (although alot are sadly passing on) but there are still one's who recognize him, and then he continues to tell me stories of their bygone years at school etc.

Recently we were driving past Millwell Road, Maroochydore & he told me how it came to have it's name from the old timber mill that ran down to the well just behind the school.  We have alot of laughs - I just need to take a recorder with me all the time though to remember them all. 

 Yesterday was an amazing day with the majority of our family attending - about 55 all up.  We celebrated at the Fisherman's Road Park, which was opposite where Dad lived as a boy with his family.  He lead most of the party down to where they used to drove cattle across the river to milk on the Maroochydore side.  There house was where the Maroochy River Rresort is now.  So many amazing memories were shared with his children, grandchildren & great grandchildren.  He has 5 children, 16 grandchildren & I think approximately 45 great grandchildren.  He still emails all his children & grandchildren for their birthdays & sends the great grandchildren cards for theirs.  His computer skills are fantastic for a man his age.  Even though he gets frustrated sometimes when the Tool Bar goes missing or something similar, I am always surprised at how he remembers so much & manouvres his way through google to find things. 

We had so much fun with 3-legged races, egg & spoon races, cricket & footy!

I am so proud of my Dad!  Yes he was very strict, yes we had very strong boundaries growing up & yes he was a very hardworking Dad growing up too, but he is the best Dad in the World with so much love, knowledge, Christian grounding & wisdom, & I feel extremely blessed that God gave me & my siblings the gift of a Dad like my Dad!  His strong Christian Heritage lives on in all our lives & that in itself is priceless!

Dad has also written a book about his life - if you want a copy please email me through my Contact Me link.


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  1. Jenny,
    Happy Birthday to your dad - wow, 89 years!! He sounds like a wonderful dad. My dad was also strict, but he was a very good dad too. It sounds like you had such a lovely day.

    Happy Easter,
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley