Sunday, April 14, 2013


Paris is definitely the best place to have Coffee in!
From the Cafe Stand in des jardin to the trendy Cafe Bristros on the cobble stoned streets of Paris; every where is an experience different to the next.  When we were there we experienced coffee & chocolate banana crepes in the park, coffee & delectible french pastries (nothing like them) in cafes on the street to lunch & coffee at the Altitude 95 Restaurant at the Eiffel Tower.  Because each one is unqiue in it's own way it is impossible to choose between them. 
My suggestion is - try them all - as many as you can.  If you are worried about gaining weight - don't be.  The pastries are so naturally made they don't sit on your hips, & as I have said so many times before - "You Have to Walk Paris !"  So don't stress - eat - enjoy & savor all there is to savor in Paris!  The Coffee & Pastries is just one unforgettable moment in Paris!
Café des 2 Moulins
Merce & The Muse
Café de la Nouvelle Mairie
Le Comptoir du Relais
Le Petit Château d'Eau

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