Thursday, April 11, 2013


The Things you get up to on Rainy Days ...
I bought this very 'Comfy' leather lounge off Gumtree for $50!!!  Bargain !!!  I only wanted a 3 & a 1 Seater as we are limited with space in our unit.  I also really wanted a good Comfy lounge you can actually "Lounge" in !
I took my hubby with to try it out first & he just about fell asleep in it on the spot.  We both were very happy as we didn't want to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on a lounge that wasn't 'Comfy!'
So the next project was to cover it - I wanted the off-white French Provencial look but was a bit fussy re what fabric to use.  I didn't want anything that would crush alot or anything synthetic with the heat we get, but being on a tight budget, I had to be sensible too.  I managed to find a gorgeous heavy thread pure - 100% cotton, off white fabric (slightly raw looking) which I just loved, at half price - only $9.95 per metre at a Spotlight Sale.  I was thrilled as I thought it would take longer to save up for the fabric.   
So with all this rainy weather over the past few weeks I have been designing, making patterns & cutting out my lounge cover.  I didn't have anything to follow except my head & a trusty tape measure!  It started out looking a bit more difficult than I had done before previous lounges, as the cushions do not detach from the lounge.  I then had to work out a plan to allow enough fabric to tuck in far enough to hold when sitting on it, or should I say lounging on it!  I decided to do the smaller single chair first as a sort of 'guinea pig' attempt!  Anyway I am pleased to say it worked out well so I had more confidence to attempt the bigger chair.  Well finally it is finished & I am pleased, to say the least.  I feel proud of the effort, relieved it is done & excited about our new look in our French Beach Chalet Unit.
I definitely won't be making one per week or again at all I don't think, but I am so glad I attempted it to be happy with the end result.
I couldn't wait to share the pickies with you !!!

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