Monday, April 15, 2013

Your Own Home Transformation !

I just love the satisfaction of transforming your home into "Home!" 
I especially love it when you can find the bits & pieces at bargain prices & transform them one by one into valuable looking furniture features.  I have been doing this over the past months & I have finally finished our lounge area of our French Beach Chalet.  Although there will be other changes to the internal structure of the building as we can afford it, the basic idea is now a reality.
and now
You don't have to spend a fortune - just go to the secondhand places and the online sites to hunt out little treasures & then either use your imagination as well as get extra help from sites like Pinterest.  If you flick through some of my older posts you will see quite a few ideas.
If that is too hard or you don't have the passion yet you have the dream, you can always seek people like myself to help you.  It would be my pleasure to help you!  We are all different & some do not have the knack - I do not have the knack for many things either, but I am happy to share this one with you.
Anyway have some fun if you wish and "Transform" away !!!

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