Saturday, May 11, 2013

A Happy Mother's Day to all Mums

I don't really know how to begin this today ...
I guess I just want to express the gratitude to all Mum's for trying !
It is not an easy task being a Mum, and sometimes it feels like a thankless task, but, forget it is a task & it becomes rewarding !!!
For years you battle with little babies through to toddlers - then the hormones set in and soon you have teenagers & soon to be adults!

It all goes remarkably fast and without anxiety, worry, many sleepless nights, questions of achievement, sadness, tears, many laughs, rewards by the hundreds and then you watch your children, as parents, do the same.  You watch their children grow and amaze at how similar the task at hand is all over again.
The beauty now is though - you can be the wisdom giver, the listening ear, the carer, the helper, the hugger, the Mum!
I have travelled those very paths and now enjoy those moments to our three beautiful girls ...
Enjoy the moments that pass by so quickly - enjoy every day without regret !
Happy Mother's Day !

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