Tuesday, May 7, 2013


I was so excited a couple of weeks ago to find this treasure at a Garage Sale.  It is heavy to lift so immediately I knew it was definitely quite old.  No plastic or even timber on this one !!!
On inspecting it closer I found it is a true oil painting as well - not a print but with no signature of identity.  The detail is exquisite in it's gold finish.  I wish I could find out more about this old 'Beauty'!
It is not small - measures 64cm high x 51cm wide & is all in great form on the back with clips & hanging wire all still in place & in working order.
The big question is "Do I keep this One?!"  I may need your help on this - please give me your opinion?!!

I was reluctant to replace the inner image or even paint the frame - that would normally be the "'Norm!"
Anyway I would love your opinion on this please - please - please !!!

Now to reward you for your opinion I am giving the best 'genuine idea' a Mystery French Shabby Chic Gift - you have just one week from today to do your very best !
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I really appreciate your feedback!


  1. I think the frame is one of a kind. Keep it that way and change up the print (but maybe best to keep the original of that too?)

  2. Keep it! Put it in the back of a closet you don't use. In 6 months or a year take a second look at it - how you feel at that moment will make up your mind for you. It's beautiful, great find! -- Jan

  3. Good thought - thank you Jan !!