Monday, May 20, 2013


Whilst visiting a friend's home recently I was privileged to acquire a bundle of Antique Lace, Cotton & Linen Tablecloths & Doilies !!!  I was so thrilled !
I really enjoyed sorting through them when I got home & then proceeded to soak & hand wash & iron them all.  Some of them are over 100 years old & needed TLC to the max!
Some also, having been finished with tattered edging have slight faults where the thread has come apart, but considering their age, I think they are in excellent order.
As I handled each one gently I imagined the history behind each piece.  Where it was made & by whom; had it been owned by one person; was it always on show or had it been hidden for years; how much contentment had each piece given oneself; were they made by the owner or were they a gift .... it goes on & on!  I will never know but I am certainly feeling glad I came upon them & are able to share them with readers like you who admire such treasures of the past.

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