Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Time to Heal ...

It has been a frustrating time while my back heals - it seems to be taking longer than normal, but hey, that's how backs go!!
Everyone is telling me to rest - easier said than done - but that is what it is going to take I think.  In the meantime I am staring at unpainted furniture - piles of sewing etc. etc.  I have decided to just go slow with it all & remember - There are so many millions or billions of people around the world sooooo much worse off than me - so it's away with the pity stories & one day at a time !!!
Meanwhile I am feeling so prayerful for the many victims of the Oklahoma Tornado - children still stuck in the rubble of the school - people in their homes were feeling so safe yesterday but it's just devastation today.  If you feel the need to express openingly a prayer or a word just go to my facebook page & you can do so.  Prayer, I believe is the most powerful weapon against any worldly disaster, especially when you are feeling helpless way across the world!

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