Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Antique Floral French Shabby Chic Nest of Tables

Sometimes you just find a gorgeous piece of furniture that you know is going to work well.  When I found this Nest of Tables with their turned legs, I just knew they were going to look stunning when finished !

I love working with white most of the time, so I began by sanding back & applying the sealer & final coats of  full gloss antique vivid white.  This style of table always looks good when painted white & shabbied - kind of authentic I think.

I wanted to add an antique feel which lends so well to the antique look so I went through my images to find 3 x gorgeous antique floral photos I had.

I am sorry I didn't take before photos on this project but anyway I am sure you get the picture/.

I continue to apply the decoupage floral images to the tables and couldn't wait to wake up the following morning to reveal the true pictures on my stylish tables.

Once finished they didn't last long and quickly sold to a very excited young girl to give to her Aunty for a birthday gift !  She has bought quite a few pieces since.

I just love my job - taking old time furniture that would otherwise be neglected and turning it into pieces to be once again loved & admired by someone special!

Please share your thoughts and tell me about something you have worked on to bring back to an amazing life!


  1. perfect shabby chic, Jenny. I love my job too - it's so good to be doing what you love, isn't it. thanks for linking up to Paint Parade., Fiona

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  3. Those are gorgeous nesting tables. You made them beautifully shabby!

    1. Thanks Valerie - I really enjoy creating French Shabby Chic from oldtime furniture. I am going to have a look at your website. Thanks for commenting.