Sunday, June 2, 2013

Weekend Antique Market Hunt !

It's great when you don't even have to hunt from market to market (although I do love doing that!), to find such treasures.
I was very privileged to have wonderful friends with such generosity to remember me as they vacated their home of 28 years.  As they were downsizing, there was a lot of excitement and a lot of treasures to explore.
This gorgeous & very authentic Singer Sewing Machine Stand with the same authentic antique floor board table top was a very special find!!  I am afraid to say, much to my husband's amazement - NOT - that I am keeping this unique treasure for our humble abode.
I not only love her (yes I call it "Her" because she is just simply beautiful!), for her looks but for the thought of her many stories she would have to tell.  She had the previous life of the work of a machine servicing many, & then to be produced into this very attractive piece of admired furniture.  She earned her transformation !!!

 Then as I journeyed further through their home of treasures I was so excited to find the rest of the things ...

I just had to share them with you !
I dedicate this blog to our two dear Friends, who we have been privileged to know for many years, for their love & generosity !!!

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  1. Jenny,
    Antique Markets are so fun to go to. There is always something interesting to see. The old typewriter is so special. The Singer Sewing Machine brought back sweet memories, as my mom used to sew all my clothes growing up. She even sewed my wedding dress. This is a treasure to keep forever. You don't see them around that much.